The Funny Side of Animal Cartoons

Okay so I have been an animal and wildlife artist, illustrator and sometime cartoonist for a very long time. Too long to think about really. Cartoons are fun and instant and probably easy, so most people think. However they are not instant or easy to produce. Looking at the funny side of life and able to produce that visually can be a bit daunting at times but I hope I have succeeded.

A long, long time ago and in a galaxy far, far away I sent a joke Reasons to Love Labrador card to a friend and that worked really well. Too well in fact. So well that my good friend asked me to produce more and I have been attempting to produce this range of cards for what seems like centuries. We now have the first six, done printed and have this website and you would think GREAT. Yes it is all of that and I hope I raise a fleeting smile of affection on people who see them and buy them.

What it has done is that nearly everybody now ask why I haven't done whatever breed or type of animal they adore. Well I am trying and will be adding to our range over the next months. How to be funny though and draw a line between the outrageous and the insulting is a fairly difficult and serious one. This blog will be a journey through how I develop new ideas and drawings about our beloved animals and how Reasons to Love progresses over the next year.

Any comments or constructive criticisms gladly received.