Beginning at Broadway

Well we had our first baptism of fire at a trade stand in Broadway. Very hot and I was painting the new Reasons to Love Lurcher card. Great response from the doggy people there and loads of lovely dogs including this adorable Lurcher who is now featuring on the card.

Also very excited about having our first sales via this website and looking forward to our next outing to Moreton Show in September.

The odd thing was that people really wanted their own dogs in cartoon form but that is a difficult one as it takes 6 drawings per card and the information you need can be really difficult to get about an individual dog. However I am still thinking about it.

We have decided to do cards for charities and business and have already been asked to do one for the Exmoor Pony Society and the Marine Conservation Society which is thrilling. Lots of work to get all finished for September. It is funny but people believe you can just churn cartoons out, oh how I wish that were true but with inspiration from dogs like the Lurcher it does become easier.

Lovely Lurcher at Broadway