From Designer to Business Woman

Designing the cartoon illustrations has become the easiest part of all the work I am doing right now. The most difficult and most time consuming is negotiating all the bits that make up the production and marketing of the cards and other gifts we are organising. Hour after hour investigating product possibilities and making them into a reality is proving a steep learning curve for both of us. The difficulties of getting paypal to recognise bank accounts to organising search engine optimisation leave this tired old brain a bit nonplussed and going to lie down in a darkened room or resorting to a stiff G &T have been quite regular occasions but we are getting there. New cards have been printed and website updated so I go from positive euphoria one minute to absolute annoyance and desperation the next. Many younger and more adept people do this stuff with an ease that is very enviable but my latest battle with twitter and pinterest has me again reaching for alcohol to numb the pain. Anyway on a more positive note. New cards look fab and Jan had a really good day at Moreton Show with a lot of positive feedback so onwards and upwards. The latest Cocker Spaniel card is proving very popular so hopefully will drive me on to the next six.

Reasons to Love Cocker Spaniels