Social Media and other Frustrating Things

Well we did it.!

Managed two shows now one at Malvern Autumn Show and the second with our new marquee at Forest Showcase in the Forest of Dean, my hunting ground and where my studio is based. Okay I had to do the feeble, pathetic bit at first to get some initial help but did sort it out myself in the end. Phew.

However erecting the marquee is easy peasy compared to getting our products listed on certain sites. I freely admit I am an ebay selling virgin but some of the procedures have me completely frazzled and ready to go to bed a gibbering wreck and never get out again. The same with certain social media sites and don't get me started about paypal. Most has now been sorted but feel I need an expert, probably a five year old to help me but as I haven't got one handy I am trawling through You Tube help videos and googling like mad. I am then confronted with many hipster, happening people who I sometimes cannot understand and end up feeling a complete numpty. What has happened to the english language?

Despite my lack of prowess in these fields we are selling well, the cards and gifts are very well received and already have ordered more mugs. That is great but my listing attempts could do with refining. Any help out there would be gladly received.

All this computer work is leaving little time for the actual drawing and painting of the next images for our range but have made an attempt at starting the Whippets and have decided I will branch out with Reasons to Love Cats and Reasons to Love Gardening. Time will tell if that is the right decision but back to the easel I go and hopefully new work will appear in 2019.